Review: Waiting Like A Man

Written & Performed by Daniel Benoliel Directed by Tom Cornford “Waiting Like A Man’ was a brilliantly entertaining, witty and creative one-man comedy show – don’t wait to see this performance! Not to be missed!” Read the full Review: or click here VENUE: Old Red Lion Theatre, 418 St John Street, London, EC1V 4NJ (nearest…

Interview with Chris Cox

Comedy Blogedy: Your love of magic seems to have started from your Paul Daniels magic set. Would you say that the tricks you performed when you were younger still influence the way you put your magic tricks together now?

Chris Cox: In some ways yes, the basics you learn of magic, are like the basics for anything, they underpin every thought you have after that. I think the thing which is more important than the tricks is the thinking behind them. A lot of my early inspiration came from Penn & Teller, I realise now loads of my thoughts and ideas come from their style. The simple fact a trick can just be a trick, that you’re job is to entertain and you don’t have to lie about that, or dress it up as something more. Magic is a fantastic form of entertainment, it’s unique in that it shows you the impossible, and that alone is enough to wow someone, you don’t then need to pretend you have any special powers on top of that.