Interview with Philip Simon

Philip SimonComedy Blogedy: How long have you been gigging in stand-up?

Philip Simon: I did an 8 week course with The Comedy School in Camden in February/March 2011, which culminated in a showcase at the end of March. My first gig was at the start of April 2011. Since then I have done about 70 gigs/competitions/gong shows in London, Oxford and New York.

Comedy Blogedy: How would you describe your comedy?

Philip Simon: Bloody hilarious! Oh, I see, sorry. Well, every joke I tell comes from personal experience, either something that has happened to me, or something that was said during banter with friends and family and got a laugh. I don’t write ‘gags’ as such, but twist real situations to give them a funnier edge if they need one, which means that my stand up is narrative rather than a series of one-liners. I would say I was self-deprecating observational comic.