Interview with Martha Owen

Martha Owen

Comedy Blogedy: How long have you been gigging in stand-up?

Martha Owen: I did a course at my youth club (Heatham House) about two years ago, but I only really started actually gigging all over the place about a year and a bit ago. I’ve been at Edinburgh twice though with Those Bloody Teenagers (some of my fellow teenage comics).

Comedy Blogedy: How would you describe your comedy?

Martha Owen: Not really very funny. I’m not clever enough to write proper jokes with punchlines and actual laughs, and I’m too scared if I’m honest to be one of those hilarious raconteurs, so I just muck around with ones that everyone knows like ‘What do you get when you cross a sheep and a kangaroo?’ and then change the punchline so the joke doesn’t work, like ‘A mutant’. That sort of rubbish.