Interview with Jen Carnovale

Jen CarnovaleComedy Blogedy: How long have you been gigging in stand-up?

Jen Carnovale: I started gigging on my own in February this year, before that I was performing in Australia in a comedy duo called ‘Carnovale & Culp’.  We were awarded ‘Best Newcomer’ at The Sydney Comedy Festival in 2010, worked in radio together on ABC’s Triple J and were chosen as ‘One of the Top 10 Next Big Things in Comedy’ by the SMH. So I’m a newbie to solo standup but not performing.

Comedy Blogedy: How would you describe your comedy?

Jen Carnovale: I tell stories in my stand up, usually something that’s happened to me, or something I’ve seen, I’m not a one-liner-lady. I use characters in my set too, I have a really short attention span and assume my audience does as well so I try to mix up the pace and topics and I have a couple of absurd moments just because they make me laugh.