Interview with Mark Quinn & Charlotte Young

Mark Dean and Charlotte YoungComedy Blogedy: How long have you been gigging in stand-up?

Mark Quinn: Well I was performing solo for quite some time, although what I was doing could barely be described as comedy. I would never write any material and go on stage just to see what happened. I enjoyed it but the same couldn’t be said for the audience.

Charlotte Young: I’m an artist ‘by trade’ and do a lot of performance stuff. I was in a rubbish sketch group about 4-5 years ago, which slowly self-combusted. When we were down to two members, we were booked to do a show in Edinburgh. The member that wasn’t me basically was supposed to do the fringe admin. They didn’t. Instead, they vanished and I was forced into a position where I had to do a show on my own. So, I did. And then I carried on.