Jed Salisbury

Interview with Jed Salisbury

Comedy Blogedy: How long have you been gigging in stand-up? 

Jed Salisbury: I had my first gig on 1st November 2009, I did a one day comedy writing course called the Art of Comedy in the Hull comedy festival, and I then had my first gig that night. But I’d say I’ve been gigging regularly since June 2010.

Comedy Blogedy: How would you describe your comedy?

Jed Salisbury: If someone took the mischievous crudeness of Frank Skinner, cheekiness of Lenny Henry and edginess of Daniel Tosh threw it in a blender and performed some voodoo on it and placed it in a man that slightly resembled Velma from Scooby Doo… then I guess that would be my act.