Interview with Joe Wilkinson

Image of Joe Wilkinson

Sara Shulman: How did you get into comedy?

Joe Wilkinson: My local pub was putting on an open mic night and I thought I might give it a go and I booked myself in and then felt sick with nerves everyday until I did it

Sara Shulman: Did you always want to go into comedy?

Joe Wilkinson: I have always loved comedy but I could never imagine myself doing it, it still feels very surreal

Sara Shulman: What was your first gig like?

Joe Wilkinson: I don’t remember a thing about it as I was so nervous. After someone told me that the first thing I said was “I’m not sure but I may have shat myself” What a great start to a comedy career

Review: Totally Tom, The Soho Theatre, London

Image of Totally Tom

As soon as the ‘Bring It On’ theme tune filled the room, Tom Palmer and Tom Stourton burst on stage with their high energy cheerleading and over the top dance routine that sparked off the first sketch – a Club Med satire. Already you could see that their style was clever and sharp paying close attention to detail that made the sketches very funny indeed, a feature of their comedy that continued throughout the whole show.

Review: Bright Club ‘Stars’, The Bloomsbury Theatre, London

Image of Stars: Bright ClubBright Club is one of the most original and creative shows at the moment in both the comedy and academic world! The concept was pioneered by UCL and has grown all over the UK and is even spreading across the world! University professors and researchers, namely UCL (although there was one non-UCLer on the bill tonight) performed stand-up comedy about their field of interest along with other top comedians, including Lucy Porter. Each Bright Club show is themed, tonight it was themed on ‘Stars’, which meant that, amongst a variety of academic disciplines, there were lots of physicists, geographers…and even an archaeologist on the bill.

Interview with Nelson de Gouveia

“The comedians that influence me are ones that aren’t comedians…everyday people, awesome folk I have conversations with. Watching top comedians works too, I would not have learnt many tricks of the trade to handle comedy as a profession, but my comedy relies on a chance encounter with a cashier at Costcutter or a newly-made friend,…