Interview with David Hannant

“Along with a fear of technology and a passionate belief in ‘flat-earth’ theory, my rural upbringing and small town mentality meant I never considered that it was even an option to be a comedian.  I may yet be proved right. I’d always relished public speaking and took massive satisfaction from making people laugh. Eventually, I started…

Review: Patrick Monahan Live, Show Me The Funny Winner’s DVD

Image of Patrick Monahan

Since the Show Me The Funny series finished at the end of August, the three finalists, Tiffany Stevenson, Dan Mitchell and Patrick Monahan have been touring the UK making people laugh from screen to stage. Patrick Monahan Live: Show Me The Funny Winner’s DVD, which can be pre-ordered from Amazon and is available at shops for Christmas, was filmed last night at the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre, London.