Audio: Humour Me with Bec Hill

Humour Me with Bec Hill by Humour Me (Comedy Blogedy) on Mixcloud Bec Hill co-presents this week’s show with Sara Shulman discussing Pun Run, the Australian comedy scene and Bec’s experiences of being a comic. The show also features an interview with Dominic Holland about ‘Eclipsed’ and the corporate side of comedy gigging and the grande dame…

Review: Doctor Brown: ‘Becaves’, The Soho Theatre, London

Doctor Brown: Becaves

“I’ve never seen something like that before!” This quote is from the lady sitting next to me after the first scene of Doctor Brown’s show Becaves and it is the most apt way of describing every element of the show.

A performance by Doctor Brown (Philip Burgers) is an experience like no other, so much so that his style of comedy should in fact be in a genre of its own! Burgers has a very special talent, which is that he has an innate ability to form a connection with his audience by picking up on the humour in a room to such an exceptional degree and then performing in such a way that at times it seems almost comically customised.

Interview with Philip Simon

Philip SimonComedy Blogedy: How long have you been gigging in stand-up?

Philip Simon: I did an 8 week course with The Comedy School in Camden in February/March 2011, which culminated in a showcase at the end of March. My first gig was at the start of April 2011. Since then I have done about 70 gigs/competitions/gong shows in London, Oxford and New York.

Comedy Blogedy: How would you describe your comedy?

Philip Simon: Bloody hilarious! Oh, I see, sorry. Well, every joke I tell comes from personal experience, either something that has happened to me, or something that was said during banter with friends and family and got a laugh. I don’t write ‘gags’ as such, but twist real situations to give them a funnier edge if they need one, which means that my stand up is narrative rather than a series of one-liners. I would say I was self-deprecating observational comic.

Review: Max & Iván: Are Holmes & Watson, The Soho Theatre, London

\Whatever you have planned until Saturday 21st January 2012, make sure at least one night involves going to the Soho Theatre to see Max & Iván: Are Homes & Watson.

Whether you have encyclopedic background knowledge of Holmes & Watson or perhaps have never heard of them before, the whole show is made completely accessible so what may seem as quite a niche topic for a comedy show sees Max & Iván yet again mastering an idea that is beyond anything you could imagine before you see it live.

Audio: Humour Me with Katherine Ryan

Humour Me with Katherine Ryan by Humour Me (Comedy Blogedy) on Mixcloud The first show of Term 2 is co-presented by Katherine Ryan, her 2 year-old daughter Violet and Sara Shulman. The show also features an interview with a very exciting up-and-coming comedienne, Suzi Ruffell as well as winners of the Foster Comedy Award Panel…

Interview with Paul Cook

Image of Paul CookComedy Blogedy: How long have you been gigging in stand-up?

Paul Cook: I started on 25th July 2011 so about 5 months. At Scruffys, Newton Street Birmingham.

Comedy Blogedy: How would you describe your comedy?

Paul Cook: Observational, I’m lucky enough to come from the Forest of Dean, which has a lot heritage and myths which helps. And I talk with a funny accent so that helps.

Interview with James Rankin

Image of James Rankin

Comedy Blogedy: How long have you been gigging in stand-up?

James Rankin: I started gigging around 14 months ago. I had the thought of gigging a lot earlier but never thought I’d muster the nerve to get up. So I just started writing and writing and told myself if I got a solid 5 minutes I’d do it.

Comedy Blogedy: How would you describe your comedy?

James Rankin: I think it’s dry. Observational, very sarcastic with a twist off frustrated ranting.

Funny: A Personal Appraisal from Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher

Hi there. Matt Fisher, idiot savant, here. Sorry it’s taken me a little while to sit down and write this post, if I’m honest I’ve been mostly a-wooing (those who saw the show will know who – the one I ran off to see at the end. I say ran. I like to think I left, actually, with rather a large volume of dignity). A gentleman never tells, of course, so I will strip this piece of reportage of sexual detail, while still being able to effectively communicate what I like to call gist.  Essentially, it culminated in three nights of passion, followed by an unsavoury comment (which, yes, I now regret), several tears, and a long tube journey home listening to Bon Iver (which was a mistake). The crux of all this (and, yes, I can say crux, it’s nowhere near as rude as it sounds), is that I’m now single again, so ladies, tweet me. I’m currently trying to limit myself to only refreshing her Facebook page seven times per half-day, and in fact, am due one now. Excuse me.