Review: Patrick Monahan Live, Show Me The Funny Winner’s DVD

Image of Patrick Monahan

Since the Show Me The Funny series finished at the end of August, the three finalists, Tiffany Stevenson, Dan Mitchell and Patrick Monahan have been touring the UK making people laugh from screen to stage. Patrick Monahan Live: Show Me The Funny Winner’s DVD, which can be pre-ordered from Amazon and is available at shops for Christmas, was filmed last night at the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre, London.

The Comics’ Ward

The competition heated up this week as the comedians took on the challenge of humouring Watford General Hospital staff and patients, hoping that they wouldn’t find themselves in the SMTF emergency room. With the task of creating the most entertaining hospital radio show, Stu and Rudi seemed to impress Watford General the most and chose…

The “F” Factor

Stand-up comedy vs. “The X Factor” has reached our television screens in the form of “Show Me The Funny“.  Hosted by Jason Manford the show sees 10 comics (8 male, 2 female) battle it out every week in the form of a 5-minute set of new material to a challenging audience. Alan Davies and Kate Copstick…