Don’t Drop The Egg

Don’t Drop The Egg Cellar, Pleasance Courtyard 1st – 26th August 2013 3:30pm (1hour) 14+ Tickets: Young, dumb and full of words! They are GibbensMagnusJones. Born at sea to a pirate father and no mother, these three comic triplets present narrative sketch comedy from the depths of the Clapham Falcons’ changing room. You will…

Hot Dub Time Machine

Hot Dub Time Machine is the World’s First Time Travelling Dance Party, pioneering the use of “boogie energy” to party through music history. From Rock Around the Clock to Skrillex, it’s the best music of the last sixty years served up in a time travelling, audio-visual super party! Hot Dub Time Machine is created and…

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO from The Noise Next Door for Comedy Blogedy

Check out this EXCLUSIVE video for Comedy Blogedy from The Noise Next Door, who will be performing at The Edinburgh Festival 2013.

The Noise Next Door: Soundhouse
Pleasance Dome
31st July – 26th August 2013
7pm (1 hour)



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