The Nettle

A tale of two snails and a nettle. Also features ants, woodlice and a spider.

Written & Animated by Gareth Morinan (
Illustrated by Adela Pickles (
Animation consultant: Martin Pickles (
Voiced by:
John Henry Falle (@BetaMaleJH)
Dec Munro (@decmunro)
Darren Maskell (@DarrenMaskell)
Jo Selby (

The Bird – Short Film

The video featured is the making of video of the team’s last short film: FRANK. This is a message from the team about their next film, which is a crowd-funded project: What we want: Writer-directors Joe Parham (private tutor and writer for comedy shows on BBC and Cartoon Network) and Ben Target (gardener and Edinburgh Newcomer…

The WhatNot Podcast

The What Not Podcast is a new weekly comedy podcast from comics Karl Schultz and Joz Norris, in which they reveal all and discuss their past, their present and their many possible futures, as well as all the things that make them laugh and that make them strange. The podcast is produced by Luke Chaproniere…

Office Politics

Britain is gripped in economic recession. Globally, financial decline. Millions of us are forced to go to jobs we hate. Doing our best in an unfair world with only our ailing dreams as company on the morning commute. Our slavery is overseen by an evil race of middle managers – like Steve. You don’t know…

Turtle Canyon Comedy

Turtle Canyon Comedy, an independent comedy production company based at Pinewood Studios, was officially formed in 2012 by stand-up comedian Stuart Laws. They are celebrating their first full year and are proud to announce a new online sketch starring Jessie Cave, Sarah Daykin and Lou Sanders: The world of comedy is an interesting and uncertain…

The Real Joz Norris

Writer, actor and comedian Joz Norris finally sends out a public message as himself for the first time to answer that fascinating question – who is the man behind all those marvellous characters?

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