Comedy Blogedy and Angel Comedy first invited Second City to teach and perform in London just over a year ago and what a dream it’s been over the past two weeks to see classes bursting with improv talent ready to be nurtured. From complete beginners learning the very basics of improv right through to the advanced level classes,…

Review: The Scatpack, ‘Lights! Camera! Improvise!’, The Hen & Chickens Theatre, London

The Scatpack

The cinematic experience of Lights! Camera! Improvise! begins as soon as the lights start to dim and Oscar, a character that claims to have “every movie ever made…every film you could ever imagine” invites the audience to request the ingredients of a movie that will be created instantaneously.

Whilst the cast act out the audience’s democratically customised movie, the action is interrupted with commentary from Oscar, who uses the powers of his remote to control the action, instigating sticky but equally hilarious scenes that challenge the cast for both the audience’s and what seems to be Oscar’s own enjoyment as well. Moments of deprecating the spontaneity of the improvisation do not go amiss but indeed add in highlighting the absurdity and hilarity of the plot.

Completely Normal Activity: Season Finale

On 30th August 2011, Private Portions will release the finale episode of the web series Completely Normal Activity. Since its online release in June 2011 (distributed at FunnyorDie, Blip, Youtube, Vimeo and iTunes), the independently produced series has seen remarkable audience support. Within just 2 months of the series launch, there have been views exceeding 5,000…