Interview with Joz Norris

Joz Norris is a stand-up comedian, character comic, writer and actor based in London. He started working on the stand-up circuit in 2011 and has since become a critically lauded and well-respected figure on the alternative comedy, character and clowning circuits, as well as working prolifically in other media and collaborating frequently with some of…

Joz Norris – #NCSAmazeBalls

NCS is a programme for 15 and 17 year olds in England and Northern Ireland that enables young people to take part in life changing experiences and social action projects to help build skills for work and life. Its ethos is all about encouraging young people to mix with each other, develop friendships whilst learning…

Joz Norris Has Gone Missing

Critically acclaimed comedian and Bradley Headstone apologist Joz Norris has gone missing. Nobody knows where he is or why he is there, but it is probably something to do with his wife. This throws plans for his solo 2013 Edinburgh show into all kinds of confusion, but luckily his compereing software has located three top…

The WhatNot Podcast

The What Not Podcast is a new weekly comedy podcast from comics Karl Schultz and Joz Norris, in which they reveal all and discuss their past, their present and their many possible futures, as well as all the things that make them laugh and that make them strange. The podcast is produced by Luke Chaproniere…

Funny: A Personal Appraisal from Matt Fisher

Matt Fisher

Hi there. Matt Fisher, idiot savant, here. Sorry it’s taken me a little while to sit down and write this post, if I’m honest I’ve been mostly a-wooing (those who saw the show will know who – the one I ran off to see at the end. I say ran. I like to think I left, actually, with rather a large volume of dignity). A gentleman never tells, of course, so I will strip this piece of reportage of sexual detail, while still being able to effectively communicate what I like to call gist.  Essentially, it culminated in three nights of passion, followed by an unsavoury comment (which, yes, I now regret), several tears, and a long tube journey home listening to Bon Iver (which was a mistake). The crux of all this (and, yes, I can say crux, it’s nowhere near as rude as it sounds), is that I’m now single again, so ladies, tweet me. I’m currently trying to limit myself to only refreshing her Facebook page seven times per half-day, and in fact, am due one now. Excuse me.

Review: “I Have Something To Say – An Evening With Matt Fisher”, The Tristan Bates Theatre, London

Joz NorrisArrogant, thinks he’s a hit with the ladies and lacking complete self-awareness – Matt Fisher is one of the most exciting comic character creations on the up-and-coming comedy scene.

Joz Norris, the writer and performer of this one-man show, came on stage in a bright red shirt, a pair of grey jeggings and two pairs of sunglasses that provided an effective visual indication of just how moronic but equally hilarious Matt Fisher is. As soon as the show started, the intentional lack of powerpoint to performer synchronisation and the unique yet confident dance moves that lacked synchronisation with the music sparked off the “night of chat, rock, humour, dance, mime, crime and flirting with Tooting’s foremost neo-pre-Raphaelite” – an ambitious tag line but by the end of the show an accomplished one.

Interview with Joz Norris

Image of Joz Norris

Comedy Blogedy: How long have you been gigging in stand-up?

Joz Norris: My first gig was about three years ago at the Queen Charlotte pub in Norwich, for Laugh Out Loud, the student comedy club at UEA. Over the next two years, I worked closely with LOL and ended up co-running it myself for a year or so. It was all very amateur, and we only gigged once a month to an audience of predominantly our friends and fellow students, although I did occasionally branch out into other comedy nights in Norwich. I always loved doing it though, so I eventually made the decision to move to London and try to start working on the London circuit, which is altogether a more serious and full-on thing in comparison. I’ve been gigging in London and trying to make a career of it for about eight months now.